Grizzly Downhill at Snowbasin, UT

Richard Lodmell, President of the Kimberly Foundation is currently in the process of volunteering for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As part of the process Rich was given the opportunity to work course crew at the 2001 Grizzly World Cup Downhill at Snowbasin held February 21-25, 2001 at Snowbasin Ski Area outside of Ogden, UT.  Although 28 inches of snow over the final three days (most in 15 years) cancelled the races, the following is a report of his experiences.

Tuesday February 20, 2001: I had arrived in the early afternoon and had arranged for my Olympic interview in Odgen that night.  After the interview I hooked up with another volunteer from Chicago and drove up to Snowbasin to get our credentials. Once up there, someone stopped us and said with took the death route up (old road).  We did take the new road down, what a difference.

Wednesday February 21, 2001: Wake up call at 4:30 AM, up to mountain by 5:40 AM to check in the volunteer tent.  After check in I went to find the crew I was assigned to in the Event Services (ES) Building. We were sent to hill by 7:00 AM.  At worker city near the top of the course our crew was sent to do some shoveling on at Men's A Net 1 on the John Paul Traverse section of the race course.  There we shoveled snow for about three hours with the help other course crews sliding snow from the course to us as they went on to their assignments.  Early morning fog gave way to clear skies but still caused a delay.  The training run was delayed one and half-hours.  30 minutes after the conclusion of the training run we met for more shoveling.  We shoveled for about two and half-hours to prep the course for tomorrow's training run.

Thursday February 22, 2001: Wake up call at 4:30 AM, up to mountain by 5:40 AM to check in. Assigned at about 7:00 AM to cut pine boughs for the morning.  Recycling trees we had to cut the small branches off and then they were sent through a chipping machine twice before being brought up to the course. We then went up to watch the training run.  After lunch we cut more pine boughs.  Although this was considered light work, it was actually though on the knees standing all day cutting the branches.  And it is also very important to the safety of the racers.

Friday February 23, 2001: Wake up call at 4:30 AM, up to volunteer shuttle parking lot by 5:40 AM to catch the bus to take us to the hill.  On the way up I decided to test the process for people who forget their credentials.  Test was passed.  I simply had to go to the accreditation booth and was assigned a day pass (I can't believe I forgot my credentials).  Snow greeted us.  Lots of snow.  Back to at Men's A Net 1 by the John Paul Traverse section of the race course.   At about 9:30 Am we were informed that the race was canceled. We still had to prepare for Saturday in hopes the snow would let up.  I the afternoon we went back to Men's A Net 1. 

Saturday and Sunday Summary


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