Foundation Programs

The goal of The Educational Program  is to provide and disseminate information on Racing Programs, Racing Competitions, and sources of scholarship funding.

The Educational Program is in contact with the major directors of racing programs around the country and solicits input from
them for the content of the foundation's publications.

The Educational Program

The Educational Program plans to publish three publications:

* Directory of Amateur Ski Competitions.
* Directory of Ski Racing Programs.
* Directory of Scholarship Funding.

These publications will be free and can be obtained by e-mail from The Kimberly Foundation. They are expected to be available in the spring of 2000.

The Racing Program

The goal of The Racing Program is to conduct amateur ski competitions.

The Foundation has worked with the Pacific Northwest Ski Association and with the ski racing programs of the Meadows Race Team, Located at MT Hood Meadows, OR, Stevens Pass Alpine Club, located at Stevens Pass Washington, Mt. Hood Academy, located at Government Camp, Oregon, the Mt. Bachelor Ski Education Foundation, located at Mt Bachelor Ski Area just outside of Bend, Oregon and the  White Pass Ski Academy, located at White Pass Ski Area in White Pass, Washington to run a race which the foundation will conduct on an annual basis. As the resources of the foundation expand, the foundation anticipates increasing the quality of the races as well as the number of races it conducts.

The goal of the racing program is to improve the quality of ski competitions by lowering the barriers to entry and increasing the quality of the competitions.

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